CNBC’s The Profit host/ investor Marcus Lemonis came to TCA today to pitch a spinoff show, The Partner, in which he searches for someone to help him run businesses he’s saved from brink of disaster in his mothership show.

Asked by one reporter why they should not write, of today’s announcement: CNBC Doing Its Own Version of The Apprentice With Marcus Lemonis, the host/entrepreneur responded: “It would be an interesting headline. It would be inaccurate – but interesting.”

He’s not just offering a job, he’s offering a potential equity stake in one of the struggling companies in which he’s invested $35M of his own money on The Profit, Lemonis explained.  TV critics heard a lot about the $35M of his own money Lemonis has invested to save struggling companies on The Profit. If we had a buck for every time Lemonis mentioned his $35M during the TCA Q&A, we could afford a large-ish sized Groundwork cappuccino, which is saying a lot.

Anyway, getting back to The Partner, Lemonis explained the chosen person will receive a $150K a year contract — CNBC EVP alternative programming Jim Ackerman corrected Lemonis, informing him he will be paying the winning applicant $163K – and 1% equity stake.

As to the other differences between this new show and The Apprentice? Well, Donald Trump.

“I’m a big believer in treating people with respect and dignity” and is looking to give people the opportunity to be hired, “not to be embarrassed, and degraded, and humiliated –  and fired,”  Lemonis said, while quick to commend the celebrity iteration of The Apprentice for the money it has raised for charity. But, Lemonis said, his show will give people jobs, and hopefully get himself help running those businesses – in which he’s invested $35M of his own money.