In a blatant and self-acknowledged grab for all those Trump loyalists who jumped the Fox News ship when the Donald refused to share a screen with moderator Megyn Kelly, Stephen Colbert won the night hands-down with his note-perfect debate mock-up last night. The host of CBS’s The Late Show moderated a Trump versus Trump event, with clips of the front-running Republican candidate going “mano-a-moutho” against his own self. On Ted Cruz: “No one likes Ted Cruz,” says Trump #1. “I like Ted Cruz a lot,” says Trump #2.  Or: “I love Iowa,” and “How stupid are all the people of Iowa?” You get the idea – both of them. Check it out above. And bonus points to Colbert for pointing out the obvious, as a photo of Hillary Clinton flashed onscreen: “Why would (Trump) want to practice going head to head against a strong, blonde woman?”