Starz’s filmmaking reality series The Chair might return for a second season. “We’re working on it,” Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said at TCA on Friday. “There have been discussions with (producer) Chris Moore,” Albrecht added, noting that the series will have a different concept should it go to Season 2.

Albrecht was upbeat talking about upcoming series American Gods as well as the second season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. He noted that the network is happy with the scripts for American Gods, which continues to search for an actor to play the lead. The goal is to start production in the first half of 2016. Also looking good is the first script for Season 2 of Ash, Albrecht said.

Making A murderer 1As is the case with virtually every Hollywood conversation these days, the subject of Netflix’s pop culture phenom Making A Murderer came up. Despite the overwhelming success of the docu series, Starz is not planning to venture away from returning shows into limited events like Making A Murderer. “There are things that I think Starz can do well, and I think that’s the knitting that we’re sticking to,” Albrecht said.

Albrecht also talked about the challenges of diversity on television. “An obstacle to more diversity in programming is that there are not enough diverse voices with experience to put forward their work,” he said. “Running a long-running successful TV series is the toughest accomplishment in the entertainment business, it requires a great amount of expertise and a particular skill set. It’s not easy to partner new voices with experienced showrunners, to support and guide them but keep the voices genuine.”

One of the projects on fast-track development at Starz is the drama Havana Quartet starring Antonio Banderas. The hope is to film the show in Havana, Albrecht said.  “It’s going to be possible to shoot some things in Cuba — I guess it depends on who’s President of the United States,” he quipped. “Do you have a Donald Trump contingency for where you’ll shoot?” a TV critic asked. “Yeah, the backlot at Warner’s,” Albrecht replied.