As it nears Avatar‘s all-time domestic box office record, Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues blasting its way up the global chart. With Friday’s figures factored in, the global cume on the sci-fi saga’s continuation is now $1.39B. That pushes it past Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 to snag the No. 7 slot at the all-time worldwide box office. But it won’t rest there for long. Today SWTFA will overtake Avengers: Age Of Ultron to become the No. 3 movie of 2015 and the No. 6 film ever globally.

New Year’s Day grosses at the international box office came to $25M. That boosted the offshore cume to $704.2M. While New Year’s Day set a record domestically with $34.5M, the holiday was softer abroad. Still, the Friday-to-Friday overseas drop was just 9%. Conversely, the jump from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day was 66%.

With the holiday, individual market increases averaged 3.8% across the Top 5 plays of the UK ($133.5M through Friday), Germany ($73.9M), France ($61.4M), Australia ($47.1M) and Japan ($46.1M). It’s notable, however, that the latter market jumped 7.5% from Thursday to Friday — although TFA has come in lighter than expected there, Japan continues to prove itself a slow-burn market.

By the end of this weekend, Star Wars should be in line with Jurassic World at the end of its 3rd frame when it had grossed about $745M. That of course was with China in the mix, and Star Wars will not travel to the Middle Kingdom until January 9, a week from today and with some calling a $100M opening a possibility. We’ll have full weekend numbers tomorrow.