The weekend’s Snowmageddon on the East Coast likely had a depressing influence on the box office, though some holdovers still managed to overcome the blizzard with solid numbers even as they expanded. Sony Classics’ The Lady In The Van, Sundance Selects’ 45 Years and Paramount’s Anomalisa held their own in additional theaters this weekend, even as the industry turned its eyes to Park City to catch the core of the year’s next crop of Specialty offerings awaiting acquisition. Oscar nominees Brooklyn, Room and Spotlight continued to lure audiences with added locations, while the weekend’s reporting newcomers had mostly soft starts, though Ip Man 3 showed zest.

Donnie Yen Ip Man 3

Well Go USA opened Hong Kong title Ip Man 3 in over a hundred locations Friday, easily grossing the weekend’s best numbers among the newcomers. The feature grossed $762,400, averaging $7,402. The distributor noted that grosses were up 20% Friday to Saturday despite losing key theaters due to the storm, including the Empire 25 in New York City. The PTA in fact is perhaps artificially lower since the 10 theaters that closed Saturday are factored in as a $0 gross. Added the distributor Sunday: “Delightfully, this film has truly crossed over to multiple demographics- while the film over-performed in Chinese-centric markets — grossing $41,267 in two days at AMC’s Atlantic Times Square in Monterey Park, CA — the film played well in essentially all regions we opened thanks to marketing and advertising partnerships ranging from to key geek and MMA outlets.”

The latest Ip Man is out-gunning its predecessors. Well Go USA opened Ip Man: The Final Fight in September, 2013 grossing only about $38K in theaters, while Variance bowed Ip Man 2: Legend Of The Grandmaster in 2011, grossing nearly $206K. Said Well Go USA’s Jason Pfardrescher Sunday when reporting numbers: “At Well Go we’ve been shouting about the greatness that is the Ip Man series for nearly six years now- the first two have been smash hits on home video and VOD, and we took that message to the theaters on this one. Quite a few of those theaters heard us and took a chance on a type of film they don’t normally play, and those theaters that did made an awful lot of money this weekend. We’re expanding over the next few weeks and have some great marketing hits still to come, so the ones that missed the first boat aren’t too late…” Well Go USA will add another 15 – 20 markets next weekend.

Action-fantasy Monster Hunt is one of China’s biggest box office grossers with over $385 million worldwide, though its debut on this side of the Pacific was more humble. The title grossed $21K in 40 theaters, averaging just $525. Distributor FilmRise opened the feature with both English-language — and more ‘family friendly’ — and Mandarin versions. Monster Hunt will remain in theaters for a traditional 90-day window before becoming available on VOD.

Big World Pictures’ Berlin and Tribeca title Aferim! fared better in far fewer locations. The title grossed $16,420 in five theaters, averaging $3,284. Aferim! was Romania’s submission for Oscar consideration and Big World had thought the title had a shot in the foreign-language category and set its release after the nominations.


Sony Classics added 26 theaters for The Lady In The Van starring Maggie Smith. The BAFTA nominee grossed $187K in 30 theaters, averaging $6,234. In its opening weekend, the feature grossed over $72K in 4 theaters, averaging just over $18K. The film has now cumed over $329K. SPC added 13 theaters for its foreign-language nominee Son Of Saul in its sixth frame. The Hungarian-produced feature grossed over $98K in 34 theaters, averaging $2,893. It has cumed nearly $505K.

Paramount added 106 runs for its animated Oscar-nominee Anomalisa. The feature grossed $375K, averaging $2,622, totaling over $1.41 million.

Sundance Selects added 26 locations for 45 Years, starring Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling. 45 Years grossed $220K, averaging $5,500, down about 27% from last weekend’s $7,152 PTA. The feature has cumed $740,203. Sundance Selects said the title will head be in the top 25 markets next weekend.

Best Picture nominees Brooklyn, Room and Spotlight continued to add locations over the weekend. Fox Searchlight added 275 runs for Brooklyn over the previous weekend. The title grossed $1,675,000 in 962 theaters, averaging $1,741. It has now cumed over $27.5 million. A24’s Room played in an additional 569 locations vs. last week holding solid numbers. The film grossed over $1.42 million in 862 theaters, averaging $1,653, giving it a cume of over $7.95 million. Open Road’s Spotlight continues to have the highest box office total at just over $33 million, though Brooklyn has narrowed the gap. Over the weekend the feature grossed $1.377 million, averaging $1,337.

TWC’s Carol missed out on a Best Picture nomination, though the feature is in the running in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories. The feature, directed by Todd Haynes, crossed the $10 million threshold over the weekend, grossing $639K in 692 theaters for a $923 per theater average.

For a report on how the snowstorm hit overall domestic box office, check out Deadline’s Anita Busch report here.


Aferim! (Big World Pictures) NEW [5 Theaters] Weekend $16,420, Average $3,284
IP Man 3 (Well Go USA) NEW [103 Theaters] Weekend $762,400, Average $7,402
Monster Hunt (FilmRise) NEW [40 Theaters] Weekend $21K, Average $525


Detective Chinatown (China Lion) Week 2 [35 Theaters] Weekend $68K, Average $1,943, Cume $424,507
The Lady In The Van (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 2 [30 Theaters] Weekend $187,026, Average $6,234, Cume $329,455


Anomalisa (Paramount) Week 4 [143 Theaters] Weekend $375K, Average $2,622, Cume $1,411,000
45 Years (Sundance Selects) Week 5 [40 Theaters] Weekend $220K, Average $5,500, Cume $740,203
Son Of Saul (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [34 Theaters] Weekend $98,367, Average $2,893, Cume $504,891
Hitchcock/Truffaut (Cohen Media Group) Week 8 [6 Theaters] Weekend $4,483, Average $747, Cume $284,690
Youth (Fox Searchlight) Week 8 [76 Theaters] Weekend $75K, Average $987, Cume $2,397,284
The Danish Girl (Focus Features) Week 9 [794 Theaters] Weekend $531K, Average $669, Cume $9,724,377
Janis: Little Girl Blue (FilmRise) Week 9 [6 Theaters] Weekend $6,123, Average $1,020, Cume $343,613
Carol (The Weinstein Company) Week 10 [692 Theaters] Weekend $639K, Average $923, Cume $10,574,031
Mustang (Cohen Media Group) Week 10 [54 Theaters] Weekend $56,009, Average $1,037, Cume $443,165
Brooklyn (Fox Searchlight) Week 12 [962 Theaters] Weekend $1,675,000, Average $1,741, Cume $27,539,321
Spotlight (Open Road Films) Week 12 [1,030 Theaters] Weekend $1,377,417, Average $1,337, Cume $33,066,762
Trumbo (Bleecker Street) Week 12 [136 Theaters] Weekend $88,091, Average $647, Cume $7,493,016
Room (A24) Week 15 [862 Theaters] Weekend $1,424,886, Average $1,653, Cume $7,953,680