With yet another GOP Debate over on cable news, almost everyone in primetime on the Big 4 declined last night. The exceptions being the penultimate episode of the limited Heroes Reborn (1.0/3) series, which had a lot going on on-screen but stayed even in the numbers with last week. The same was true of its 8 PM slot mate ABC’s Beyond The Tank (1.0/3).

While Fox won the night among adults 18-49 and was basically tied with CBS in viewership, 8.65 million vs. 8.66 million, one of the biggest hits was felt by American Idol (2.2/7) – and you can’t lay it at the feet of the Republicans and Donald Trump. In the second Thursday of its 15th and final season, the 2-hour Idol was still the second top show of the night in both the demo and total audience. Free from facing the 9 PM GOP debate for its first hour, the Jennifer Lopez co-judged reality show took a 19% blow among the demo from its January 7 show.

The real battle scars were delivered upon newbie Shades Of Blue (1.3/4) and to a less extent Angel From Hell (1.3/4). On the more competitive than usual night, the 10 PM J.Lo corrupt cop drama fell 28% from its solid debut of last week. Besides the Republicans shindig and the obvious Week 2 decline that almost all shows are subjected to, Shades also wasn’t helped by lead-in The Blacklist (1.5/5), which slipped 6% on what was overall a tepid at best night for NBC. At 9: 30 PM, CBS’ new Jane Lynch comedy was down 19% from its premiere of last week, a bit more than usual second week decline. It’s worth noting that around the time Angel started was exactly when the fireworks were really going off on-stage in South Carolina among the GOP hopefuls on the Fox Business Network hosted debate.

The big show of a still Shondaland free Thursday was The Big Bang Theory (3.7/13) – no Physics PhD or Psychics hotline need there. Pretty steady with last week with a mere 3% dip in the demo, the Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady created 8 PM blockbuster also didn’t have to square off against the GOP and brought in a 15.49 million viewers – again steady with last week. The rest of CBS’ night saw Life In Pieces (2.0/6) slip 5%, as did Mom (1.7/5). Clashing with both Lopez’s Shades and the GOP, Elementary (1.1/3) held up OK with just a dip of a tenth.

With DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow debuting next week, the CW ran The World Dogs Awards (0.3/1) from 8 – 10 PM last night, which was down 25% from last year. Over on ABC 9 – 11 PM My Diet Is Better Than Yours (0.6/2) dropped 14% from its weak debut of last week.