The third-runner in the GOP polls is diving into the late-night pool. NBC said this morning that Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida will visit The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, marking his debut on the venerable program.

Rubio is coming off the first Republican debate of 2016, which drew 11 million total viewers to Fox Business Network on Thursday. Late in the festivities, he picked a fight with Sen. Ted Cruz that was a highlight of the 2 1/2-hour event. Rubio will be hitting Tonight just 11 days before the Iowa caucuses, so expect to hear talk about such issues as immigration, taxes, gun control and ISIS — or maybe just a little beer pong or charades.

Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon logoMany of Rubio’s fellow Republican White House hopefuls already have done Jimmy Fallon’s show this election cycle. Front-runner Donald Trump visited 30 Rock last week, also having done the show in September. Carly Fiorina also was on in September, Chris Christie guested in August, and Jeb Bush visited in June. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sat down with Fallon in September and December, respectively. Cruz made his Tonight Show debut back in November 2013, when Jay Leno was still hosting.