Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland came to TCA to talk about BET’s new reality series Chasing Destiny. It’s a search for “the next big female superstar group to make their mark in a dog-eat-dog music industry, ” Among those onstage with her: Frank Gatson, who has a long association with Rowland, Beyonce and other female music stars; he is the new series’ creative director/choreographer.

Taking a page from the Donald Trump School of Working the Press, Gatson told TV critics wondering how you create a female singing group on TV that some of the biggest girl groups of the past “always start having their periods at the same time,” which he called “magical.” “If you get together and get along – En Vogue did it, Destiny’s Child did it. If that can happen, you can be a successful group.”

Gatson said Rowland convinced him to do the show. “I never wanted to do this shit,” Gatson revealed of the latest form-a-group series. “I wanted to be like David Geffen,” by which he meant, a “behind the scenes” really rich guy. This show, he said, “is going to be the truth. It’s time for people to see truth.” He added, “It’s why Wendy Williams is so big – she’s honest.”