Big Fish and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory scribe John August will receive the WGA West’s 2016 Valentine Davies Award in recognition of his humanitarian efforts and civic service, as well as his role in fostering a community of writers. He will be honored February 13 at the WGA Awards’ West Coast ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

August was cited for his work creating screenwriting blog and sister site, which have become go-to resources on the craft and business of screenwriting. He also co-hosts with scribe Craig Mazin Scriptnotes, a weekly podcast which explores the art, craft, and business of screenwriting to more than 40,000 listeners a week. He also serves as an advisor and mentor at the Sundance Screenwriting Lab.

“John is the writer we’d all want to be: wildly intelligent, deeply practical, effortlessly inventive, and generous to a fault,” said WGAW President Howard A. Rodman in making the announcement. “Whether he’s creating apps, campaigning for marriage equality, mentoring younger writers, podcasting with Craig Mazin, sitting on our Negotiating Committee, or constructing a school in Malawi, John has made service to the larger community a part of his second nature. Protip: when you find yourself in difficult straits, ask yourself ‘What would John August do?’ The times you’ll regret are the times you fail to act accordingly.”