Democratic presidential-race frontrunner Hillary Clinton will make a return visit to Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, January 14. Not coincidentally, that’s the same night the GOP White House hopefuls stage their next debate, on Fox Business Network.

Also not coincidentally, last time Hillary Clinton visited Fallon’s show, it was the night of a GOP debate in mid-September. That night, she played telephone with “Trump” (aka Fallon dressed up in Trump wig and spray tan). While Trump clearly won the ratings race that night, ginning up CNN’s biggest audience in its history, Clinton goosed Tonight Show, which clocked its best metered-market household rating for a Wednesday in seven months.

Today’s Tonight Clinton booking news comes two days after the country’s most watched late-night show announced that GOP presidential frontrunner/ratings magnet Donald Trump would make a return visit.  He will be Fallon’s guest three nights earlier than Clinton and, like Clinton, will be making his second visit to the show since the race for the White House got underway. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton last visited an NBC late-night show, to tell Seth Meyers that Donald Trump no longer was funny. And yet….