66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Press RoomItalian writer-director Ettore Scola died Tuesday in Rome at age 84. He was considered to be among the last of a generation of Italian greats, politically engaged and with a keen eye for the issues facing his country. A fixture in Cannes in the 1970s and ’80s, he directed four movies nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. His passing was not lost on filmmaker (and certainly film historian) Martin Scorsese, who released this statement today:

“Ettore Scola was, for me, a standard bearer for the greatest period of Italian cinema, a true golden age that began after WWII and lasted into the early 90s. From the 50s on, he was one of the creative dynamos of Italian filmmaking, as a writer (he co-wrote Dino Risi’s great Il Sorpasso, one of the best films of its era) and then, in the late 60s, as the director of films like Jealousy Italian Style (known over here as The Pizza Triangle when it was released), We All Loved Each Other So Much, A Special Day and Passion d’Amore. Scola was a very special artist, truly one of a kind.”