It’s a day ending in “Y”, which must mean Republican primary front runner Donald Trump is trying to feud with someone. Today, it’s an attempt to make an oldie but goodie a hit once again, as Trump decided to revive his public displeasure with Fox News Journalist Megyn Kelly in advance of this Thursday’s Fox News Republican debate. Laying into her with a harsh tweet accusing her of bias, he demanded she be pulled as a debate moderator.

Fox_News_Channel_logoFox refused to take the bait however, saying instead in a statement that “Megyn Kelly has no conflict of interest. Donald Trump is just trying to build up the audience for Thursday’s debate, for which we thank him.” No doubt Fox is looking forward to huge viewership come Thursday and sees anything that draws attention to the debate – which Trump’s comments were surely intended to do – as a net positive. The Republican debates have all been ratings bonanzas for the networks that aired them, with the Fox debate in August seeing an incredible 24 million viewers and the following debate on CNN in September getting 23 million.

Trump previously clashed with Kelly last August when she served as a moderator during the first Republican Presidential debate, after she asked a question about controversial comments he’s made about women. Trump spent several weeks after slamming her, often in very personal terms and has occasionally continued to do so, though Kelly, for her part, has never responded directly to his attacks either on air or online.

Even so, Trump’s remarks today seem a little unusual even for him, being that it has long been known that Kelly would be one of the three moderated for the upcoming FNC debate. The network announced her as one of the moderators back in August. But they are at least in keeping with Trump’s weekend plans: at a rally today, he bragged that his supporters are so devoted, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”