Donald Trump is starting the new year with much the same bluster he ended the last one. The aspiring Republication Presidential candidate today released his first TV campaign ad and it features the businessman doubling down on some of his more questionable campaign pledges. The 30 second clip has a solemn sounding voiceover bringing up a selection of Trump’s greatest hits from the last few months, including his call for a temporary shutdown of Muslims being allowed to enter the U.S., and his assertion he’ll end both ISIS- by cutting off their head- and illegal immigration by building a wall on the Mexican border that he’ll make Mexico pay for.

With less than four weeks until the Feb. 1 Iowa caucus officially gets the Republican primary contest away and running. Trump characteristically pulls no punches in his debut spot. Images of the San Bernardino killers and a U.S. battleship firing missiles eventually give way to Trump’s commitment to “make America great again.”

Trump has vowed to spend $2 million a week in the run-up to the Iowa caucus to boost his chances there. While he continues to enjoy a lead in nationwide polling, he trails Texas senator Ted Cruz in the Iowa polls.