Dick Wolf says he’s envisioning his next Chicago series as a legal series but was short on details.

“It would be short-sighted, especially after last week, not to be mutually kicking the tires on what that would be,” he said at TCA today when asked directly about a fourth series in his Chicago franchise on NBC. “It probably would be in the legal system,” he said coyly, adding viewers “may see, the same way they saw the last three years, some people doing legal things [on the other Chicago dramas] that would give an insight into where that would go.”

“Would I like to do it? Of course! You talk about your dreams being fulfilled. This is literally a dream come true to have these three show operating this synergistically is beyond my expectations. My instinct always is to double down. In the abstract that would be great. In the specific, it’s a question of how that would operate and what the forum would be. There have been discussions.”

Chicago MedTranslation: Wolf is likely to place a legal character into one of the dramas of his successful Chicago franchise, possibly Chicago P.D., this season, and use that character to open a fourth series some time next season – likely midseason. The new series would focus on the legal system in the Windy City, rounding out the franchise that launched in 2012 with Chicago Fire, and also includes this season’s new Chicago Med.

Speaking of synergy, Wolf said he thinks the Screen Actors Guild should, at SAG Awards time, “accept that this is one giant ensemble,” he said, noting that, in addition to the announced crossover episodes, we’re doing a four-show crossover in February” and are “doing a multitude of shows that are not crossovers, but integrations.”

Asked what success he thought he’d have pitching that to SAG, Wolf responded without missing a beat, “Probably none.”

Reports of a Chicago-based legal series from Wolf have been around for some time; in August at summer TCA, Wolf was asked about the legal spinoff and did not rule it out. At the time, he suggested it was contingent on Chicago Med launching successfully. That has happened.

Last spring’s pickup of Chicago Med gave Wolf four drama series on NBC for this season, also including the long-running Law & Order: SVU.