This year Deadline held its Sundance sundance film festival 2016 logoFilm Festival studio at the Samsung Studio on Main Street in Park City, Utah, opening its doors to this year’s most riveting and groundbreaking filmmakers. Talent from such features as The Birth Of A Nation, Mr. Pig, Spa Night, Maya Angelou And Still I Rise, How To Tell You’re A Douchebag, Jacqueline and more stopped by. In between Deadline’s video chats and photoshoots, guests played with the Samsung Gear VR and Snow Angel activation screen in the studio space. Or they just chill-laxed in Samsung’s ski lift chair.

Many thanks to photographer Mark Mann and Leica Camera (@leicacamerausa). Mann is behind the lense for Deadline during the entire festival. His work is featured extensively in Deadline’s Awardsline magazine. Keep watch for more Sundance photos. Click on the above photo to flip through our gallery.