Over the weekend, word arose that the biggest thing to come out of the second season of Netflix’s hit Marvel series Daredevil will likely be a spinoff based around Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher. Alas, those hoping for official confirmation during the Daredevil season 2 panel today at TCA came away disappointed.

“You’ll have to ask Marvel” is how co-executive producer Marco Ramirez responded when asked directly about how such a series might look. Well dang. On the other hand, co-executive producer Doug Petrie, seeming to suggest that he knows a little more than he’s allowed to say in public, quickly added “what we can say is that we’ve had the pleasure of introducing Frank Castle into our hell’s kitchen and our world.”

So no news for you, true believers, even though yes, obviously Marvel would love to finally, finally create a successful live-action franchise based around its most famous antihero. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer for it to be official.

As for the rest of the panel? Well, te plot of season 2 has long been known: Daredevil, now successfully policing Hell’s Kitchen after the arrest of Wilson Fisk at the end of season 1, sees his morals and resolve tested as his ex girlfriend, Elektra, and murderous vigilante Frank Castle (The Punisher’s real name) enter his life. Cue plenty of superpowered fisticuffs and, presumably, life lessons. Further, the cast and producers have already made appearances at numerous events during which they’ve dished on season 2. This means nothing in the way of substantial new details came out of the panel. But even so, the attendees – Petrie and Ramirez along with stars Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock/Daredevil), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson) and newcomers Bernthal and Élodie Yung (Elektra) – delivered an entertaining talk about the show.

By far the biggest highlight of the presentation was a clip from season two shown to the audience before the panel discussion. From early in the season, it sees Elektra and Matt Murdock engaged in a tense discussion, after Elektra breaks into Murdock’s apartment. While the scene was carefully selected to avoid giving away greater context, it’s notable in th amount of palpable history between the two characters is conveyed. Years of lingering heartache and regret on both their parts was made clear, and while I don’t want to judge it apart from the episode in which it takes place, it feels like a good sign of things to come. At minimum, this will remain focused on character as much as it is on superheroics.

As for the panel itself, a couple of highlights:

* Élodie Yung on how she approaches playing Elektra: “[She and the producers] think elektra is kind of a sociopath. This world is a game for her, like a chess game. What motivates her is what she wants, she’ll use anything she needs to use to get to her goal, and if she needs to kill people she would. On the other hand, we wanted to create a character with different layers… I think Elektra isn’t a bad person, she’s not a good person, she’s a person with different traits.”

* “There’s definitely a costume,” says Ramirez about Electra. In fact, the show will indeed see more and more comic book elements, so long as they’re within the gritty tone of the show. What they consider in developing them is “what looks cool, how much do we love the comics and can we do that.”

Daredevil season 2 premieres in its entirety on Netflix March 18.