EXCLUSIVE: Tonight in New York, Sylvester Stallone accepts the Best Supporting Actor award from the National Board Of Review  for his latest incarnation of Rocky Balboa in CreedThe film also picked up the Best Actor prize for Michael B. Jordan from the National Society Of Film Critics over the weekend and has been a notable bright spot in a bit of an off year for Warner Bros. Stallone is heavily favored to nab his first acting Oscar nomination since the original Rocky in 1976, a year in which he was also nominated for his Original Screenplay, but lost in both instances to Network. Even though Rocky went on to win Best Picture and two other Oscars, Stallone himself did not receive a statue. Now almost 40 years later, the Academy may have a chance to rectify that situation. Check out this new featurette which shows some of the reasons why this could finally be Sly’s turn. Click on the link above to watch.