Two decades ago, Dick Wolf helped change the rules of dramatic storytelling with the introduction of the first crossover between his Law & Order series and Homicide. After taking the crossover concept to new heights with the Chicago franchise, Wolf is now looking to also change the rules of how casts of such fully integrated shows are recognized by the SAG Awards in the drama ensemble category.

Dick Wolf mug“I’d like the cast of all the Chicago shows to be entered as one ensemble because it is truly an ensemble,” Wolf told Deadline, elaborating on a point he made during the Wednesday joint TCA session for the three Chicago drama series. “Everybody transits effortlessly between the shows, there are full-scale crossovers that involve everybody on all the casts, the entire cast, but basically the fun ones are people just showing up as part of their normal life; we’re are going to have the first wedding on the two shows, (Chicago Fire‘s) Mouch marrying (Chicago PD‘s) Platt. That is basically the way we look at it, that they can be used interchangeably so I think they should be celebrated as a group.”

Image (1) sagawards1__140114141120__140117175611.jpg for post 666482While Wolf plans to submit the three Chicago casts as one next year and to plead his case with the SAG Awards that they “should accept the fact that this is one giant ensemble and let them all run as a unit,” he is realistic about his chances. Asked on the panel what kind of success he thinks he would get with his submission request, Wolf replied, “Probably none.”