“I just thought we were going to do these docs, I didn’t think they were going to submit them and try to get us into the festival, “said Chelsea Handler today of her new Netflix docu-series Chelsea Does having its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday. “So this is just like a cherry on the top of everything.”

Today, as Handler and EP Morgan Neville and fellow EP and director Eddie Eddie Schmidt strode around Park City, was the day that all 4-episodes of Chelsea Does went up on the streaming service.

“I wanted to do something I was familiar with and things I was unfamiliar with” Handler added when visiting our DeadlineNow studio (check out the video above) Saturday at the Robert Redford founded. The docu-series features Handler tackling marriage, racism, technology and drugs – sometimes in to truly gut retching result. “I totally felt out my comfort zone, it was great to do something I was unfamiliar with, “ she added of the part confessional, part dinner party, part travelogue and part talking heads series.

Handler’s next project is her upcoming Netflix talkshow, set to debut later this year.