Deva Dalporto, creator of viral videos “Suburban Funk” and “I Just Need Some Space,” among others, has signed with UTA.

UTA-logo-2011__120425192925__130420022433-e1366424741136__140125002909Dalporto began creating mom-themed parody videos to popular songs after leaving her job as a Senior Editor for Nickelodeon’s parenting website to deal with an autoimmune disorder, and her husband bought her a video camera. Her first, a parody of The Fox called “What Does The Kid Say,” went viral, garnering more than 3 million YouTube views to date. Her biggest video, “I Just Need Some Space” (watch it below) had over 10 million views – over 7 million views on YouTube and more than 3 million on PopSugar Moms. In all, it’s estimated that Dalporto’s videos have received more than 50 million views on YouTube, her blog and major parenting websites.

Called the “Weird Al of YouTube Moms” by NBC, Dalporto has appeared on Good Morning America, Today, CNN and Headline News, among others. Her videos also are featured on parenting sites such as Today Parents, Parents, Café Mom, Babble, PopSugar Moms, Scary Mommy, NickMom, SheKnows, Mommy Shorts, NetMums, and She was awarded with a BlogHer Voice of the Year Award for her work in video this year.

Dalporto is managed by Bob McGowan.

Here’s Dalporto’s “I Just Need Some Space” video: