Kristina Augusta Wasa, known to history as Christina, Queen of Sweden, was an extraordinary and somewhat unique figure. Crowned queen at 16 and known for being intense, moody and intellectual, she is remembered for helping bring an end to the 30 Years War and for policies that helped make Stockholm a center of learning and major European capital. She is also remembered for her unconventional life that makes her feel very, very modern to subsequent generation. Androgynous and uncompromising, her love affairs with women were well documented, and she resisted dressing or behaving as women were expected in her time, never marrying or having children.

Unsurprisingly, she has since become an important historical icon for both members of the LGBT community and for Sweden, and both facets of her life are at the center of The Girl King. An intimate portrait of Kristina in her early years., the film charts the point in her life as she assumes the throne and begins to shape her country, but must also deal with her burgeoning sexuality. In this exclusive clip, we see her writing to an esteemed scientist in order to better understand the way she feels and, so she hopes here, to purge those feelings.

The Girl Queen was directed by Mika Kaurismäki from a script by Michel Marc Bouchard. Malin Buska stars as Kristina. It entered theatrical release on December 4 in Los Angeles, San Jose and Minneapolis, and debuted on VOD platforms today.