It’s almost Christmas, which means the end of another season of Survivor (2.2/8) and another winner named on the long-running Mark Burnett reality series. Not that it came without some multiple Tribal Council shenanigans and those Immunity Idols in last night’s Season 31 two-hour finale on CBS. But in the end, Jeff Probst delivered the verdict and we had a Sole Survivor for the Cambodia-set competition.

On a very uncompetitive night, the Survivor finale was down 8% among adults 18-49 from its last winter ender on December 17, 2014. As it stands now, last night marked a finale low for the show. However, as is commonly the case with the reality vet, the finale went about 15 minutes long, with the winner not named until after 10 PM bleeding into Survivor Reunion (1.7/6).  All of which is to say we might see adjustments in the numbers later.

Of course, CBS won the night last night in the key demo and total viewership.

In fast nationals, last night’s Season 31 finale was watched by 9.53 million viewers, down 3% from the audience that Survivor: San Juan del Sur’s finale got. Week-to-week, last night’s show dipped 4% in the demo from its one-hour show on a much more crowded December 9. Compared to the Season 30 finale on May 20 this year, last night’s Survivor slipped 4% among the 18-49s.

With the show proper sliding into Reunion taken into account, Wednesday’s follow-up get-together dipped 6% from the Season 29 meet-up. Survivor Reunion pulled in 6.79 million viewers but, again, some came from the spillover of the big show.

The only other original on last night was a special Nashville: On The Record (0.4/2) on ABC. Having wrapped for the year last week, the rest of Season 4 of ABC’s Music City drama returns in March.