After 13 days of release in the UK, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has grossed £83.5M ($123.8M). This is the biggest offshore territory for the film thus far where it has now capsized Titanic as the 4th highest-grossing movie in local industry history. It is also the fastest film to ever make it to £80M, beating the previous record held by Skyfall which took 23 days to get there. JJ Abrams’ continuation of the epic saga has now become Disney’s biggest title ever in the territory.

With $161.2M, Skyfall is the UK’s No. 1 movie ever, followed by Avatar ($150M) and this year’s Spectre ($138.3M). Star Wars should handily jump past the latest James Bond within the next few days.

bfi-imaxIn further milestones, SWTFA has taken over £8.2M ($12.16M) in IMAX, besting Spectre‘s previous UK record. The BFI London is now the biggest grossing IMAX cinema in the world for The Force.

On Wednesday, SWTFA had an overseas cume of $627.4M and a global total of $1,228.3M, making it the No. 4 movie of the year worldwide, and the No. 9 film of all time globally. We will have a full international number for Wednesday later today. Factoring in estimated Wednesday domestic grosses of roughly $27.5M-$27.9M, the North American cume will advance Episode VII to No. 4 on the domestic all-time chart. It’s expected that international and domestic will each get to $700M this weekend.