With a miniscule 4% drop from Monday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens stormed up another $37.7M in overseas markets on Tuesday. Just as it has domestically, the film sped past $600M international to cume $627.4M to date. The global total is now $1,228.3M. That makes it the No. 4 movie of the year worldwide, and catapults it past Iron Man 3 to become the No. 9 film of all time globally. The next film to beat is Disney’s own Frozen and its $1,276.5M. It will do that handily with today’s international and domestic grosses added.

Rolling up the charts with a swiftness BB-8 would certainly find thumbs-up-worthy, SWTFA is the No. 6 movie of the year internationally. Ahead of it are Furious 7, Jurassic World, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Minions and Spectre. By the end of today, it should move up to No. 5, knocking James Bond down a peg. Also internationally, it’s running about on par with Jurassic World. That film this summer came out of its 2nd frame with $584.4M. SWTFA was at $550.3M in the actuals on Monday. By the end of JW‘s third frame, it had grossed $745.5M. To get there this weekend, SW needs to make about $23.6M per day from today through Sunday and signs are pointing in that direction.

In individual markets, SW is showing strong daily increases. The Top 5 added 6.3%-8.9% to their total grosses from Monday to Tuesday: the UK ($115.9M/+7.9%), Germany ($65.9M/+8.3%), France ($56M/+8.9%), Australia ($42M/+6.3%) and Japan ($37.2M/+8.8%).