Here’s another record broken by Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fandango reports this morning that it sold 37% of the estimated $248.5M-$250M opening weekend ticket sales for the J.J. Abrams film. That’s the largest share of weekend sales for any movie in Fandango’s 15-year history and its largest sales weekend ever. More than one of every three U.S. tickets to The Force Awakens were purchased through Fandango’s online and mobile channels. Force Awakens is the top seller for Fandango ever.

Fandango Logo NewFandango also reports that Friday was its all-time ticket-selling day, capping its biggest sales week ever — more than 92% higher than the previous best-selling week. In addition, Force Awakens accounted for Fandango’s largest number of mobile tickets sold for any movie.

“Fandango is enjoying a record-breaking year with 70% year-over-year growth in ticket sales,” company president Paul Yanover said in a statement. “Our record box office share of The Force Awakens demonstrates the ubiquity of Fandango and how consumers are utilizing our many conveniences, such as reserved seating and mobile ticket redemption, to enhance their moviegoing experience.

“We are expecting another huge week during the Christmas holidays as more consumers head to theaters to enjoy The Force Awakens again or to see it for the first time, as well as other new releases,” he added. “The great news is that Disney and the exhibitors are doing a spectacular job meeting fan demand by making sure there are plenty of tickets and showtimes available.”