Peter Berg’s military docuseries about U.S. Special Operations Forces has gotten a title and premiere date. Live To Tell will debut at 10 PM Sunday, January 10 on History Channel.

From Berg and his non-scripted shingle Film 45, the eight-episode hourlong series takes a personal, intimate and revealing looks into recent U.S. Special Operations Forces missions, as told by those who experienced the front lines of the ongoing War on Terror.

The docuseries features the stories of Charlie Platoon and the story of Marc Lee; The Red Wings Recovery – the Army Rangers recovery story of Marcus Luttrell, the United States Navy SEAL which the 2013 film, Lone Survivor, was based off of; A Battle for Haditha Dam – a strategically key location in Operation Iraqi Freedom; Task Force Merrill –a team of U.S. Army Rangers that set out on a mission to engage the Taliban and gather intelligence; Roberts Ridge – a quick reaction force of U.S. Army Rangers that endured the snowy mountains of Afghanistan to rescue a missing Navy SEAL; Objective Breton – a group of U.S. Army Rangers who went after a jihadist network; Ranger Machine – in Iraq in 2006, a team of U.S. Army Rangers lead a covert operation to take out a group of Al-Qaeda high value targets; and The Green Berets of 7115 – a group of Special Forces got ambushed by Taliban fighters and had to fight their way to safety after a teammate is critically shot.

This series is produced by Film 45 for History. Berg (Lone Survivor, Friday Night Lights) executive produces for Film 45 with Matt Goldberg (State of Play, The Sixties) and Brandon Carroll (Will of the Warrior). Matt Ginsburg and Paul Cabana are Executive Producers for History. Have a look at the video clip above.