President Obama, who apparently likes living dangerously these days, has scheduled his State of the Union Address a little earlier than usual, on January 12, which has caused ABC to put off by two weeks its season premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter, no doubt costing Democrats the Marvel fanboy/fangirl vote in the next election.

ABC announced this afternoon its two-hour season opener will now air on January 19. Originally the season starter was on the books for January 5. That would have allowed a few original episodes to air before the State of the Union Address usually interrupts the flow of original episodes. Typically, POTUS State of the Union Address is a rite of the last week of January, sometimes the penultimate week. This year Obama picked a date a little earlier than networks had expected, which threw them off a bit. But, things being what they are, the broadcast networks had to jump, despite the many other outlets that will be carrying the address.

ABC caught the biggest headache. While taking care of it’s immediate problem, with the two week delay on Agent Carter‘s start, that show acts as bridge for ABC between the two halves of its season of marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which had been slated to return on March 8. To keep all its Marvel shows synced up, ABC also would have to push that start.

CBS, meanwhile, had original episodes of NCIS: New Orleans and Limitless scheduled that night between 9 and 11 PM., and has moved those episodes to January 19. NBC has originals of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire at 9-11 PM that night, so expect same there too. Fox for its part planned to premiere New Girl at 8 PM on January 5 and probably will continue to do so, since POTUS waits until HUT levels are highest, at 9 PM ET, to address the nation.