NBC has teamed with the PolitiFact website for a new campaign season fact-checking project, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd announced on the show today. PolitiFact, which calls itself America’s largest fact-checking organization, will monitor statements made on Meet the Press and other programs, giving selected comments a score on its Truth-O-Meter.

“NBC News is announcing today that we’re teaming up with the website PolitiFact to help us fact-check key moments on the campaign trail,” Todd said, adding “including interviews that are right here on Meet the Press.”

First up: Republican Marco Rubio’s claim that only “three or four countries” are “providing military force” in an anti-ISIS coalition. PolitiFact’s report: “Mostly true.”

PolitiFact’s finding, posted on the Meet the Press website, says of Rubio’s claim, “The available government data and media reports suggest that Rubio is close to accurate. However, a lack of transparency in the operational data leaves a measure of doubt, and stating it the way he did glosses over the contributions from other nations that are taking important support roles even if they aren’t contributing much in the way of airstrikes.”

According to PolitiFact, the new pact with NBC will make available PolitiFact editors and reporters for “insight and analysis” across NBC’s platforms, including NBC, MSNBC and NBCNews.com. The deal apparently extends through the 2016 election.

PolitiFact recently announced a collaboration with E.W. Scripps Company to broadcast PolitiFact fact-checks in Scripps’ 24 local television markets.

“We can’t wait to see PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter splashed across NBC, MSNBC and NBCNews.com,” said PolitiFact executive director Aaron Sharockman, adding “we hope our work will help serve voters when they head to the polls next November.”

Here’s the website’s full analysis of the Rubio comment.

Here’s the Rubio video that was PolitiFact-checked: