If the events ringing in the year are any indication, then 2016 is off to a competent, if inauspicious start as no major mishaps or other disasters happened during the various networks’ New Year’s Eve coverage before and as the ball dropped at midnight EST.

Two possible highlights involve polar opposites on the political spectrum both personally and programming-wise. First up, on CNN, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, two icons of the gay community, oversaw festivities. They started off with a skit in which the two of them were still in bed, Griffin unwilling to change out of her comfort clothes. The gag started several hours before things kicked off, as demonstrated by this tweet:

Things went from there with Griffin making a point of trying to make Cooper uncomfortable. Among her attempts, she noted that thanks to his glasses, he’s turning into Rachel Maddow, then held an impromptu poll asking who was a better gay person, Maddow or Cooper. (Griffin’s choice, BTW, was Maddow.) Later on she took another poll, asking who Cooper’s relationship hall pass — i.e. who he’d be allowed to cheat with — should be. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was mentioned, followed by Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, who was on hand and took the following selfie.

Cooper, of course, didn’t take the bait. Later, Griffin removed her jacket and strutted around Times Square in her bra. That prompted a decidedly loose Don Lemon proceeded to comment on her “nice rack.” Watch Brooke Badlwin quickly seize Lemon’s beer and proceed to change the subject:

Meanwhile on CNN’s alternate universe equivalent, Donald Trump showed up flanked by members of his family (all of whom were very, very well-dressed) at the end of Fox News’ celebration to help the network ring in 2016. A lackluster interview ensued, during which Trump said, unshockingly, that he believes he would be Hillary Clinton’s “worst nightmare” if the two end up squaring off in the general election next year. About his plans for the new year, he also said “My New Year’s resolution is to make America great again!” In short, Trump’s gotta be Trump, all day, every day.

Naturally, he also helped count down to midnight, as seen here.

Feel free to weigh in on your favorite or, unfavorite moments from tonight’s televised festivities. And of course have a happy new year.