In addition to being maybe the most popular new TV series of the season, The GOP Debates also is a social hit. Last night, 8.5 million people in the U.S. saw one or more of 2.4 million tweets sent about the CNN Republican debate, Nielsen reports.

In this country, tweets about the TV event were sent by 490,000 people and seen 307 million times (Twitter TV Impressions), Nielsen said.

That handily beat NBC’s reality singing competition series The Voice, which ranked No. 2 on Twitter, according to Nielsen’s TV tally. The show last night named the winner of its latest edition, about which tweets paled in comparison: sent by 88 million people and seen 12 million times.

But, the most tweeted minute of last night came at 10:19 PM ET. That’s when 19,500 tweets were sent following an exchange between the former star of NBC reality series The Apprentice, Donald Trump, who is now the GOP frontrunner in the race for the White House. Trump was duking it out verbally with the guy who had been presumed would be a GOP frontrunner heading into this presidential race, Jeb Bush. What got Twitter vibrating was when Bush stunningly woke up from the coma in which he’d languished during GOP Debates episodes 1-4, and began to needle Trump. Trump understandably reacted like a guy who finds himself being mauled by a rabbit; he told the moderators he wasn’t being treated fairly. “If you think this is tough and you’re not being treated fairly, imagine what it’s going to be like dealing with Putin or dealing with President Xi or dealing with the Islamic terrorism that exists,” the rabbit snarled back.
The top mentioned candidate of the night was “Trump” who was mentioned in 522,200 tweets around the TV event.