In just over one week Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters all over the world, presumably causing entire economies to grind to a halt as workers everywhere suddenly experience Force-related illnesses that conveniently free them up to see this thing. The marketing is reaching a fever pitch as the release date looms, and today that means a new international trailer aimed at China, which you can watch here. Unusually, this  one gives away quite a bit – in other words, the spoiler threat rating is now Orange.

Disney and Lucasfilm have played an interesting game with The Force Awakens marketing so far . I’ve been impressed with how little actual information the trailers have given away so far. Almost all the footage shown in them comes from the first third of the film, but more importantly, they’ve shown snippets of context-free moments to suggest tone rather than tell you anything about what happens. Disney and Lucasfilm know you’re going to see it, so they don’t need to tell you what happens, they just need to make sure you know it feels like Star Wars (and by implication, not like the prequels.)

But this is a very, very straightforward trailer . Kylo Ren‘s dialogue feels almost fully revealed, Rey and Finn’s joining forces is now given a lot of context, and Han Solo piloting the Falcon, and that ringed planet… yeah that was kind of great, I can’t lie. But it’s also quite a bit we definitely haven’t seen before.

I’ve been reading rumors about the film since last year, including a very detailed breakdown of all the most credible rumors that I obviously won’t link to here. I mention this because I’m pretty sure I’m already completely spoiled on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I obviously won’t know for sure until it’s out, but the trailers that have been released so far have appeared to confirm a surprising number of rumors, if you know what you’re looking for. Did that happen here? Well, from a certain point of view, this trailer is like the platonic ideal of all that. Point being, as was noted over on Birth.Movies.Death tonight, perhaps the more spoiler-averse of you ought to skip this trailer entirely.