The Iowa Republican Chairman denied The Daily Show access to the GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Party attended by Republican presidential candidates ahead of the Iowa caucus.  The reason, the late-night comedy show was informed: “We were afraid they were going to make fun of Iowa.”

In journalism circles this is known as throwing raw meat to piranha.

Turns out, a late-night fake news/comedy show doesn’t actually have to attend a political clambake to mock it. The Daily Show demonstrated last night for about seven solid minutes, not including commercial break.

The show poked fun at the event’s free cotton candy:  “Were you trying to win votes or kidnap kids?”

…and “Mr Personality himself” Jeb Bush, who  “had to compete with bails of hay for the Most Interesting Thing On Stage Award.

…and Iowa Republican Chairman Jeff Kaufman, who was described, accurately, as a sort of  “George Costanza-Newman hybrid.”

“Our problem isn’t with Iowa as a state, it’s with its bloated role in the American election,” host Trevor Noah explained. “Especially because Iowa’s Republican Caucus stopped mattering years ago.” The show’s unstated other “problem” is with actual TV news operations, whose anchors and reporters have been hyperventilating over Iowa and which candidate is ranked where in that state’s polling. Noah insisted last night, the Iowa caucus “in no way determines the party’s nominee, let alone the general election winner. If you don’t believe me, just ask the last two winners: Not President Mike Huckabee, and Even Less President Rick Santorum.”