There’s a new big box coming to the small screen, but it might not have everything you need. Debuting at 10 PM November 30 with a special two-episode preview right after The Voice, NBC’s Superstore provides the return to primetime of America Ferrera. And while the Ugly Betty and How to Train Your Dragon star usually can elevate anything’s she’s in, Ferrera is unable to lift this one out of its torpor. Superstore, as my video review above says, is another one of those aimless Big 4 unfunny funny shows that’s not necessarily selling something you’d want to buy.

The tepid and already trimmed series from Universal TV feels outdated. Like a cable show of a decade ago that got pushed by the development tide over to broadcast, the midseason replacement about the diverse staff at the fictional Cloud 9 big-box store is another example of NBC’s problem with the comedy genre it once dominated. Not even having strong players like Mad Men alum Ben Feldman and Kids in the Hall co-star Mark McKinney helps Superstore overcome the same old same old of bad boyfriends, flash mobs, dumb bosses, gay marriage gags and mild class conflict. As for a witty discussion of the even bigger picture of service-industry America — the nation, not the actress — forget it, they don’t have that in stock here.

The series moves to its regular 8 PM Monday time slot on January 4. Take a look at my review – does Superstore sound like somewhere you want to spend some time?