Sue Cabral-Ebert has been re-re-re-reelected president of IATSE Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Local 706 for an unprecedented fifth three-year term. The Emmy-nominated make-up artist, whose credits include Dallas, Erin Brockovich, The Perfect Storm, Alien 3 and Dead Poets Society, got 54% of the vote, defeating challengers Jane Galli and Larry Waggoner. About 37% of the local’s 1,900 members cast ballots in an unusually high turnout.

Cabral-Ebert, who is also the local’s assistant business manager, was one of the early advocates of AB 1839, the new California film tax credit that has created a boom in employment for her members and for industry workers throughout the state. Make-up artists and hair stylists working in film and TV production, she said, are at near full-employment.

“The tax incentives have stimulated a number of new productions and has brought a number of new productions, especially in television, back to California,” she said. “Right now, were on good footing for the first time in 10 years.”

Teamsters Local 399 is reporting the “full employment” of its members, and many other IATSE Hollywood locals are reporting high levels of employment as well, she said. “Everybody’s working,” she said. “We’re all jumping up and down. If I’ve ever done anything right in my life, it was to help push this bill so that our members could have full employment again. It’s a huge success.”

In the local’s other races, Tommy Cole was re-elected business agent, defeating make-up artist David Abbott. Running unopposed, Julie Socash was re-elected VP; John E. Jackson was re-elected secretary-treasurer, and Barbara Dally was re-elected sergeant-at-arms. Vanessa Dionne, also running unopposed, was elected recording secretary.

The local, which covers work in film, television, commercials, live theatre and at Disneyland, also elected 10 members to the board of trustees and 23 to the executive board.