Minnesota’s Sen. Al Franken, appearing on CNN this afternoon to discuss his efforts to end forced arbitration, also got asked his thoughts about Donald Trump hosting SNL this weekend. Because, of course, Franken was one of the iconic late-night show’s original writers and performers. CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield, winding up for a hot Trump question, noted Dem frontrunner Hillary Clinton appeared in an extended cameo during the show’s season opener, but did not get nearly the air time Trump is expected to get this weekend, adding, “SNL can make or break you it has a massive impact” on a presidential election cycle.

“I think it will be an entertaining show. I watch the show whenever I have the chance,” Franken jumped in, declining to take the bait. “I thought Hillary did great on it. I’ve known her 20 years; she’s actually a really funny person, and is going to make a great president.”

Apparently recognizing she was going to get nothing from him on the Trump front, Banfield instead asked Franken if he would go back on the show. Franken said he goes to the studio “every once in a while” to hang out and watch the show” but that he did not anticipate making an on-camera appearance “while I’m in the United States Senate,” promising he would consider it “when I’m elderly.”