UPDATED THROUGHOUT AFTERNOON CBS News will air a live, hour-long 48 Hours: Paris Under Attack special tonight at 8PM ET, leading into the network’s coverage of the Democratic presidential debate. Norah O’Donnell will anchor, with Scott Pelley and various correspondents reporting from Paris, Washington D.C. and New York, among other spots.

The special, which will air on the West Coast following the debate, will include updates on the Paris attacks, interviews with witnesses and a profile of the American band, Eagles of Death Metal, that was playing at the concert hall where most of the 129 victims died.

Also at CBS, producers of 60 Minutes have revised Sunday’s lineup to include Scott Pelley’s live report from Paris (the program’s other newsworthy segments, including an interview with new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and a segment on football concussions, are still in place).

The attacks continue to dominate network and cable news today, of course, with coverage even hitting the field during this afternoon’s Wake Forest-Notre Dame football game when NBC’s Lester Holt anchored a halftime special report from New York.

NBC’s Notre Dame telecast included video of people lighting candles at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on the university campus, which is a replica of the shrine in France. The Paris attacks aftermath also figured in NBC’s Saturday NASCAR coverage. The network also will follow up with additional coverage in tomorrow’s Sunday Night Football telecast.

Holt, like a slew of other anchors and correspondents, is heading to Paris with colleague Savannah Guthrie later this weekend, following Holt’s anchoring of a special edition of NBC Nightly News tonight at 7:30 pm ET. Guthrie will anchor Today from Paris on Monday.

ABC has shipped correspondents Terry Moran and Matt Gutman to Paris, and Fox Business News is planning a live, Monday-morning report with Maria Bartiromo and Deirdre Bolton when the French markets open at 3 am ET.

Bill Hemmer is heading to Paris to anchor Fox’s coverage, with Geraldo Rivera, Steve Harrigan, Rick Leventhal, Greg Palkot and Amy Kellogg also there. Shepard Smith leads the coverage from New York, and a Special Report with Bret Baier kicks off Saturday evening’s lineup at 6 pm ET.

For CNN, Anderson Cooper is Paris-bound, joining Christiane Amanpour, John Berman, Erin Burnett, Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow, Clarissa Ward, Jim Sciutto, Nic Robertson and Ben Wedeman. Nick Paton Walsh in Iraq and Jim Acosta in Turkey for the G20 Summit are contributing.

The Sunday morning programs will no doubt lean heavily on the Paris story, with NBC planning a special edition of Meet the Press with Richard Engel joining live from Paris. Chuck Todd will interview presidential hopeful Jeb Bush for his reaction to the attacks. Michael Leiter, director of U.S. National Counterterrorism Center, and Rep. Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, will also weigh in.