Looking like the love-child of Jeremiah Johnson and Mr. Natural, Matthew McConaughey turned a Butterball into a naked turkey puppet late in last night’s pre-Thanksgiving episode of Saturday Night Live. It was a “Right Side Of The Bed” bit with Cory (Taran Tarran Killam, Matthew McConaughey and Cecily StrongKillam) and Gracelynn (Cecily Strong), a recurring segment that wore out its welcome long ago and generally has the unintended effect of showing that the writers have run out of gas, leaving the host with little to do beyond self-parody. Still, McConaughey was loonishly game and of course the poor bird didn’t have much choice in the matter. And be sure to stay tuned for Kate McKinnon’s brief but priceless appearance at the end, nearly salvaging the whole sorry business.

Earlier in the show, McConaughey played a human being stamped out from a 3D copying machine, and a contestant on “Should You Chime In On This?” — a pointless bit that also overstayed its welcome. With the exception of another mostly sharp “Weekend Update,” this was a low point of SNL’s 41st season.