Le Vision Pictures USA unwrapped a slate of 10 upcoming films tonight in Beverly Hills and announced the acquisition Lionsgate’s Gods Of Egypt for release in China. Using what it dubs a “Great 2” strategy, Letv aims to create a platform for the world’s two largest consumer markets as it combines film equity investments, Chinese distribution and global production capabilities.

“The two greatest film industries in the world, China and the US, are working together to create better content and better experiences for users and moviegoing audiences around the world,” said Zhang Zhao, Vice Chairman of Letv and CEO of Le Vision Pictures.

Chinese film company Le Vision Pictures set up shop Stateside in October 2014 with an LA-based operation.

china hollywoodHere are the 10 films on the company’s slate: 8 Immortals – Portal To The Demon World, which follows a teen outcast and his friends after giant demons invade Beijing; Mandate Of Heaven, a sci-fi rendition of the classic Chinese epic Water Margin; Rise Of The Great Warriors, with Ronny Yu set to direct; The Valley Life, adapted from a bestselling Chinese web novel portraying how Chinese programmers/engineers studying abroad come to realize their American Dreams in Silicon Valley; Snow Beast, which has an expedition team encounter a mythical snow beast; King Of Kings, an epic fantasy depicting the war between two Chinese gods; The Sun Chaser, a fantasy adventure; Peony Pavilion, a fantasy romance adaptation of the timeless Chinese romantic tragedy; a re-interpretation of the iconic opera Turandot; and Jayson Rothwell’s script Zodiac: The Year of the Snake, with prolific producer Bernie Goldmann attached.

Earlier on Monday, the company announced a two-picture deal with director Rob Minkoff and his producing partner Pietro Ventani to co-develop and produce a pair of features under their Flying Tigers Entertainment.