What ho! We now have the full-size trailer for The Hunstman: Winter’s War, sequel to 2012’s Snow White And The Hunstman. Lacking Snow White (Kristen Stewart), and with Cedric Nicolas-Troyan taking over for the first film’s director Rupert Sanders, this time the focus is on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman. Set in the aftermath of the first film’s events, Winter’s War explores the Huntsman’s origins, revealing that he started out in the employ of Queen Ravenna’s evil sister Freya, that is until he broke his warrior vows by falling in love. As Freya works to resurrect her sister, the Huntsman works to be reunited with his lost love. Cue the epic magical battles and, of course, copious usage of critical throwing-heavy-weapons skill set Hemsworth has picked up from his tenure as the Mighty Thor.

Along with Hemsworth, the film sees the return of Charlize Theron as Ravenna, Sam Claflin as William, joined this time out by Emily Blunt as Freya, Jessica Chastain as the Huntsman’s love interest, along with Nick Frost and Colin Morgan. From Universal, it hits theaters April 22, 2016.