Well, that was possibly the most quickly rescinded declaration of political support in American history. Just an hour and 6 minutes after Eric Garcetti’s office today sent out a statement that the L.A. mayor is backing Hillary Clinton’s White House campaign, they now say it was a mistake.

“Today’s statement on Hillary Clinton was sent in error,” was the email that went out at 2:07 PM Thursday. When contacted by Deadline for clarification, Garcetti’s office said all communication on the email snafu has to go through the mayor’s political adviser Bill Carrick, but they don’t have his cell phone number – seriously.

BTW, it’s not like there was much ambiguity in what Garcetti had to say about Clinton earlier this afternoon. “I’m proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President because I know that she understands the challenges and opportunities facing our cities and will be a powerful leader in building our future,” said the Mayor’s endorsement. “I look forward to working with my fellow Angelenos and others across the nation to assure that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States.”

And here’s what makes this even more Keystone Cop-like: Garcetti is at a fundraiser today with Clinton herself at the Hancock Park home of NBCUniversal executive Joe Waz and Cynthia Telles, Director of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute Spanish-speaking Psychosocial Clinic. Awkward.

Clinton is in town for a series of Hollywood ATM visits and a trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to be broadcast tonight. As for Garcetti’s gang, they might want to check the rule book around City Hall, which clearly prohibits L.A. officials from using their taxpayer-backed offices for such endorsements.

(Update, 4:50 PM: Eric Garcetti has now re-endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, this time from his 2017 re-election campaign not his office at City Hall. In an aside to media at an event in Westwood, the Mayor called the earlier endorsement and then retraction a “boo-boo.”