Hillary Clinton has ignored WC Fields’ advice never to work with children or dogs, making a dramatic mid-scene entrance into one of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s kids roundtable talks last night. Kimmel had asked the precocious moppets if a woman could be president. The two little girls were all for it. The two boys – not so much. A woman would be too “girly,” and would put the White House in danger of being painted pink.  These ideas start early in life.

The two little girls immediately recognized Clinton when she entered the room. The two boys were in the dark. “Are you president?” asked Jayden. “I’m running for president,” Clinton told him. “Is it hard?” Jayden followed up. “It’s very hard,” Clinton assured him. When she asked what things they would like her to accomplish for them, should she be elected, Jayden demanded there be no school. Ever. He could educate himself because he’s very smart, he explained. The future voters of America also thought the country should provide free food in restaurants and free stuff in stores – toys in particular. Clinton took notes; presumably Kanye’s campaign team did as well.