“We’re going to start advertising a little bit,” Donald Trump told Sean Hannity tonight on the latter’s Fox News Channel program. This as a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Ben Carson in the lead among GOP White House hopefuls at 29%, ahead of Trump at 23%, Marco Rubio at 11%, Ted Cruz at 10% and Jeb Bush at 8%. A New York Times/CBS poll out last week also had Carson out front among likely Republican voters.

“We’re going to start some ads over the next, I think, two days,” Trump said at the end of a full day of book promoting/campaigning. That would put the ad launch a couple days before Trump hosts NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, to the consternation of some candidates and Hispanic organizations.

“Certainly in Iowa, we’re going to start ads and in New Hampshire, and I think in South Carolina too,” Trump said in the interview taped this afternoon. He had planned to have spent $25M by this time, but “I’ve spent nothing,” Trump said. “I feel guilty because I’ve spent nothing, because we haven’t need it.  But we are going to start spending a little bit of money over the next three or four weeks.”