The Deport Racism PAC says it will hand over $5,000 to anyone on the set or in the studio audience of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live who can be heard on camera shouting “Deport racism” or “Trump is a racist” during the live broadcast.

Deport Racism logoOne catch: The shouter must be identified by media covering the event as being a supporter. And, if more than one person shouts out either approved message, and both are pegged DeportRacism supporters, they will have to split the pot. When contacted, NBC declined comment. is a registered nonprofit Federal Election Commission political action committee “dedicated to fighting anti-Latino and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election.”  Its stated goal is to use “the power of shareable viral video content, impactful social media memes and headline-generating confrontations with presidential candidates who promote racism and xenophobia.”

To that end, the org this week walked up to Trump’s SNL hosting gig with a video in which precocious Latino children, born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, spout obscenities at the GOP candidate and his campaign position on immigration. “I’m an American, born in the USA. This is my home. You can’t take my rights away,” says one little boy. “If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the f*ck out of my country.” (Video below, language advisory.)

“Some will find what they say shocking (F-bombs ahead),” the PAC acknowledged in the YouTube post. “But there’s no denying the math that you can’t win the White House without the brown vote.” called it the first video in its “online movement to fight anti-Latino racism in the 2016 election.”