NBC News announced this morning Charlie Sheen was going to “make a revealing personal announcement” in a live interview with Today show’s Matt Lauer tomorrow morning.

The news division provided no other details but, moments later, the National Enquirer blasted out headlines about Sheen having “hid…HIV virus for 4 years.”  Lots of lurid details followed.

This morning’s two announcements brings to a high boil days of speculation as to who was the Hollywood actor referenced in last week’s eczema of competing blind tabloid reports of a big star who has for years been hiding his HIV battle.

While NBC News remained mum as to the nature of tomorrow’s announcement on its morning show, not nearly so coy is NBCU’s Access Hollywood which has topped its website with a headline “Sheen’s HIV Confession” and a report in which a “source” assures Access that Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards is not infected.