“Let’s clear the air. We know you took issue with something we said last week – what’s happening girl?” Whoopi Goldberg said by way of introducing GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on The View today.

“I been called all kind of things. It’s wonderful to be back with you ladies of The View,” Fiorina began, via satellite. So far so good.

“I’ve been called bimbo from the time I was a secretary till I became CEO,” Fiorina assured, adding, “I think we need to have civil conversations in this country about all our differences.”

And then they proceeded to do just that. Kidding!

The View booked Fiorina for a ” demented” face-off, after she delivered them a “Man Up” dare on Fox News. It all started after CNBC’s GOP debate, when The View’s Michelle Collins said Fiorina had “looked demented” answering the traditional Your Greatest Weakness Humblebrag Question. Fiorina had said she’d been told she had not smiled enough during the previous debate, then flashed a sucking-on-a-lemon grin. “I wish it was a Halloween mask,” Joy Behar said of that face the next morning.

Today, Goldberg claimed Fiorina had ginned up a lot of publicity for herself based on her “fake feud” with the daytime talker.

“I think The View garnered a lot of publicity from this as well… I think that’s why you have me on your show,” Fiorina shot back. The View’s Actual Journalist Paula Faris said Fiorina was “clearly trying to make lemonade out of lemons” by exploiting her feud with the ABC News program.

“Oh, so you are telling me you guys are lemons?” Fiorina responded, and a good time was had by all.

Moving past Fiorina’s face, Joy Behar said Fiorina’s opposed to programs that help women and ticked off some she said made her point: advocating to overthrow Roe v Wade, opposition to raising minimum wage, issues with maternity leave proposals. Fiorina blasted her “Litany of the Left,” and began to talk about harvesting baby body parts.

“I need to stop you,” Whoopi jumped in, addressing Fiorina. “You know no one’s harvesting baby parts – Come on, girl!”  You know happened next: the much loved The View Crosstalk Act, until Whoopi ruled Fiorina had the floor.