UPDATED, 8:04 PM: Fox Sports just put out this statement about the outage during tonight’s World Series game:fox world series “Before the start of the bottom of the fourth inning of tonight’s World Series Game 1, a rare electronics failure caused both the primary and backup generators inside the Fox Sports production compound to lose power. The issue was immediately addressed, although it resulted in the audience missing one at-bat during the time needed to switch to carriage of Major League Baseball’s international feed, powered by a different generator on site. The on-field delay was due to replay capability being lost in both team’s clubhouses. We apologize for the interruption intonight’s coverage and are working to ensure that the remainder of the World Series is broadcast without incident.”

PREVIOUSLY, 6:54 PM: Game 1 of the World Series gave a lot of people memories of the 2013 Super Bowl as play stopped for a while due to a power outage. While lights in the stadium stayed on, tonight’s New York Mets-Kansas City Royals matchup saw Fox experience “technical difficulties” that left viewers gameless.

World Series - New York Mets v Kansas City Royals - Game OneThe problem hit in the fourth inning with the game tied 1-1 and saw the broadcaster go dark for about 30 seconds before the network cut to studio analysts. Play was halted on the field during the four-minute outage, which Fox said happened when it lost power to its control truck parked at the stadium in KC. The picture was restored in less than five minutes, but play on the field had been stopped. When Fox returned to the game — showing a meeting of umpires, coaches and MLB officials — it was with the MLB International feed with different announcers. It took about three more minutes for play to resume.

Fox jumped on to social media to tell MLB fans that they were dealing with the problem:

Google Fiber also copped a plea of forgiveness:

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ersFor you history buffs, even though play in Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013, was stopped for more than 30 minutes after lights went out at the Superdome in New Orleans, CBS stayed on the air as technicians tried to figure out what was wrong. As backup generators kicked in, it turned out to be sensing equipment had set off a breaker after detecting an abnormality in the system — yeah, called the army of cable, lights, cameras and trucks known as broadcasting the NFL Big Game.

Prophetically, tonight was the anniversary of both the last Royals title 30 years ago and the last Mets title, back in 1986. The baseball gods truly are watching — or not.

Erik Pedersen contributed to this report.