So did he “shoot straight?”

In case you managed to stay off social media today, GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump live tweeted CNN’s Democratic debate, and it went exactly as you would expect.

Besides singling out Lincoln Chafee, for whom there was “no way” the real estate mogul could imagine as president, Trump denounced the candidates as a whole, suggesting their responses were “too scripted.”

Hillary Clinton agreed with Bernie Sanders that Americans are tired of hearing about “her damn emails,” but Trump responded differently, implying that the emails were proof of Clinton’s “bad decision making.”

Trump wasted no time in claiming that the cable news network made no mention of what the candidates plan to do for U.S. veterans, a cause he often is vocal about.

So, what did this culmination of hashtags (or lack of) and political commentary look like? Take a look below at we have deemed Trump’s Ten Best Tweets From The Dem Debate: