The night before another hearing in the Bankruptcy Court, Relativity announced that it has changed the structure of the deal for its planned acquisition of assets from $60M in cash and a $30M to $65 million in cash and $60 million in debt. They say a deal has been reached to everyone’s approval.

The consortium making up this deal includes Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and financial partners VII Peaks Capital, Joseph Nicholas, and a very small amount from Ron Burkle’s OA3. Deadline hears that the amount that Burkle threw in was small, perhaps in the $4M range.

This comes after Judge Michael Wiles approved TV deal with the Stalking Horse Bidders. That group includes Anchorage Capital, Falcon Investment Advisors, and Luxor Capital.

Kavanaugh and the consortium of financial partners still must lay out their plans before the court in January for approval. As a next step, the consortium will file a plan of reorganization with the Court detailing the company’s capital structure and its strategy for long-term growth with film, digital, music, sports and branded entertainment — something that must be in place and satisfy the Judge before he approves any deal.