MTP Daily averaged 529,000 total viewers in its first week on MSNBC at 5 PM ET, 73,000 in the news demo, and dropped by double digits in its timeslot compared to previous week. Specifically, MSNBC fell 19% in the news demo and 14% in overall audience, week to week.

The Chuck Todd-hosted weekday extension of NBC broadcast network’s Sunday Beltway show launched last week on Monday with the second part of Todd’s sit-down with Hillary Clinton after airing Part 1 on Sunday’s Meet The Press. In the 5 PM hour, MSNBC trailed both CNN and frontrunner Fox News Channel. CNN’s 5 PM average with The Situation Room dropped 5% in the news demo, week-to-week, to average 207K viewers between the age of 25 and 54 years old. The Situation Room fell 17% in overall audience, to 774K viewers, week-to-week.

Fox News Channel easily eclipsed both networks; The Five/Newsdeck climbed 28% in the news demo, to 344K, and 24% in overall crowd, to 2.23 million viewers.

In its first telecast, Todd said the aim of MTP Daily  is “to give you the kind of news and insight, five nights a week, that we like to think has been making history on Sundays since the start of television in this country.” MSNBC this week announced Steve Kornacki will host the Monday edition of MTPD, and Alex Wagner, who lost her program in MSNBC’s latest overhaul, will take over weekend morning show Up With Steve Kornacki (formerly Up With Chris Hayes).

Back when MTPD was announced, MSNBC chief Phil Griffin said he hopes it becomes the daily cable news show of record for the 2016 presidential campaign. More recently, Andy Lack, chief of NBC News and MSNBC, expressed confidence the program will become a “nice franchise” for the cable news net.