EXCLUSIVE: Fox Searchlight has acquired remake rights to Meet The Patels, the documentary released last month by Alchemy. The remake will be written and co-directed by the sibling team of Geeta V. Patel and Ravi V. Patel. They co-directed the docu. Ravi, an actor, starred as himself in the film.

Meet The Patels and its filmmakers were discovered at the Los Angeles Film Festival where the film –which is part live action docu, with some animation — won the Audience Award for its My Big Fat Greek Wedding-like storyline. Ravi Patel, a first generation Indian-American, turned 30 without finding a wife. He is relentlessly pressure by his parents to let them handle it — 35 years earlier they spent 10 minutes together before they were betrothed in an arranged marriage. The son, who never told his parents about the woman he just broke up with because she wasn’t Indian, finally surrenders to their wishes. The docu is about the attempt to navigate a time-tested tradition in a modern world. His sister filmed it all and what started out as a home movie turned into something special.

UTA agents met the Patel siblings at the L.A. Film Festival. There, they signed the duo, made the Alchemy deal and just closed this deal with Fox Searchlight. The docu has grossed just north of $1 million.

Ravi Patel’s acting credits include Transformers and Scrubs, and he’s currently a regular on Fox’s Grandfathered. Geeta previously directed the Sundance/ITV Studios thriller Project Kashmir and she recently directed 2nd Unit for the Wachowski’s Netflix series Sense8. The film is produced by Janet Eckholm (American Splendor) and Geeta Patel, and they are figuring out who’ll produce the narrative comedy as they move to close this deal.